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Where Nudists In Sardinia Gather

Go Places!

This is the page you were looking for! Just look at the maps and click on the location you like to read infos, see pics and get directions.

You can notice that there are many spots in the North West part. This doesen't mean that in the other areas of the island suitable spots are fewer or that the NW region is more openminded. It simply means, since we all live in the NW part, that we know this part much better than others. Please help us to add more and more places using our contact form to suggest a new spot that you enjoyed.

We try to provide as many as informations and tips for any location. If you think we should add or change something please let us know!

And... You never forget! You don't need to go to a "nudist" beach to get naked... Just be comfortable, respectful and wise, take your clothes off and any place will turn into your little nude paradise!