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Where Nudists In Sardinia Gather

Porto Ferro - Finally OFFICIAL!!!

And finally... WE DID IT! Porto Ferro has finally been declared an official Nudist Beach! Our last trip to our loved Porto Ferro brought a wordeful surprise!! An official sign showing to anybody that nudism in Porto Ferro is legal! Don't loose this unique occasion to enjoy the worderful Sardinia with your clothes... OFF!

Porto Ferro is a wonderful beach located between Alghero and Sassari, easily accessable where you can enjoy peace and a stunning view of the sunset and wild hills behind. It is a popular gay spot where any kind of "alternative" folks gather. Highly suggested even if in the peak season is quite crowded by "textiles". 

It is part of a natural site of EU naturalistic interest and you can take the chance to have a nice walk to the nearby "Lago Baratz" the only Sardinian natural lake.