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Where Nudists In Sardinia Gather


Simply an unique place! Piscinas is on the west coast of Sardinia and it is a part of the island heritage. Formerly used as a port to load ships with the minerals caved in the mines nearby, now a stunning beautiful pleace where you can enjoy on the highest dunes in the whole EU. Probably they can compete with world famous Mas Palomas dunes of the Gran Canaria island.

We suggest to reach the beach driving from Guspini town. The road is breathtaking and runs through abandoned mines and little villages. Actually the Montevecchio mine has been restructured and can be visited. Definitively worthwhile!

Nudists paradise can be reached by walking on the beach on the left after you parked the car at the parking shown on the Google map. Wether you are nudists or not, a "can't miss it" place if you're visiting Sardinia!