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Where Nudists In Sardinia Gather

Alghero - Freedom Bays Clothes Optional

Finally it seem that Alghero locals have elected their own preferred place to go nude!

There are three little secluded bays between the very crowded and popular "Le Bombarde" and "Lazzaretto" beaches right after the little "Fertilia" town driving towards Porto Conte.

These little bays are the perfect spot for who is looking for a quite, out of view, secluded spot and still being steps away from the most famous and attended locations.

All the bays are covered by fine sand, and bathing is easy with shallow and crystal clear waters! A perfect spot for the relaxation of body and mind!

IMPORTANT! Only the first two are the preferred by skinnydippers as the third one, the closest to Lazzaretto beach, is used more by "textiles".

The "Freedom Bays" name appears handwritten on a gate protecting the spot from motor vehicles inviting the freedom minded folks to give them a try! Good choice for whoever choose this nice inviting name!